Our carbon footprint/ Ecollective Carbon Emissions Survey, Jan 2023

Carbon Footprint

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Our Carbon Footprint…

We’re really happy to receive results of our Carbon Emissions Survey from Ecollective, in collaboration with Canopy and Stars. We’re super excited to report that our carbon footprint per cabin per night is currently 1.0kg CO2e. This amount can be compared with the National average for UK Hotels of 14.9kg (CO2e) per bedroom per night.

Since we set up in 2012, sustainability has been at the heart of our business. The data we submitted to Ecollective incorporates all aspects of our cabins and our business, from the way the cabins were built, the land that surrounds them, how the water is heated for guests’ showers and even how the laundry (guests’ bedding & towels etc) is done! In a nutshell, we designed, built and maintain the cabins ourselves, using local materials where possible. They are highly insulated and heated by wood burners, with wood sourced and processed by ourselves from our woodlands. Electricity for the cabins is supplied by solar panels, cooking is on gas hobs (camping gas bottles), woodburner, over a campfire or on the BBQ.

Currently guests shower in the extension to our farmhouse, with showers heated by a mix of back boiler from our woodburner, and electricity provided by solar pv on our roof, topped up by electricity supplied by Ecotricity. Once Ty Mawr (our new communal building) is complete, showers will be powered by gas.

We do all the cleaning and landscaping, including all the guest laundry here on site using earth friendly products. The cabins are surrounded by our 60 acres of wildflower meadows and woodland, which are large carbon sinks. Over the last 10 years we’ve been thinking about all these things so you don’t have to! You can arrive for your stay knowing your carbon footprint is pretty teeny tiny, your impact on our planet small. We’re always looking to improve and further reduce our emissions.

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