Toilet Twinning, Feb 2023


Toilet Twinning!

‘What’s that?’ You may well ask!

Toilet Twinning has been running since 2010 and funds global water, sanitation and hygiene programmes run by Tearfund. ‘Tearfund’s partners work alongside communities, bringing people together in workshops and action groups focused on issues that concern them – such as farming. Lasting, whole-life transformation comes from working alongside someone, not making decisions on their behalf. Toilet Twinning’s approach is about dignity and self-respect as much as it is about alleviating poverty and accessing safe sanitation.’ (words from Toilet Twinning’s website).

Essentially, by twinning our toilets here at Under Starry Skies with toilets overseas, we’re helping in funding projects which teach communities about hygiene and supplying sustainable resources for families to build their own toilets.

Having seen Toilet Twinning at many festivals and other community set ups, we’ve finally got round to twinning here at Under Starry Skies!

The loo in Llwynbwch Barn is now twinned with a latrine in Cote D’Ivoire (Poliedouo 2, Bouna Latrine No. 13279, Latitude 9.13994, Longitude -2.92672), while the two loos in our new building, Ty Mawr, will be twinned with a latrine in Afghanistan (Latrine No. 26416) and one in Zambia (Nkwazi, Latrine No. 45835, Latitude 12.5634 Longitude 28.3849).

If you happen to be reading this whilst sat on either of our loos, perhaps you have a moment to read a bit more about Toilet Twinning and the great things they do here, you may even wish to make a donation!

Toilet Twinning Cote D'Ivoire & Llwynbwch Barn     Toilet Twinning certificates 

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