May Day, May 1st 2021

Hafan interior

May Day, May 1st, Beltane. Half way between the spring equinox and summer solstice. And if there’s ever been a time to look forward to summer, this surely has to be it! We are open once again after the most recent lockdowns. Having guests returning has brought a smile to our faces, to see people sitting round the campfires, hear children playing and for all you lovely folk to be able to explore our little corner of Wales after all that time at home!

Spring flowers are starting to bloom, although things are definitely happening slower than many years. We have had very little rain recently (yes, we’ve been longing for rain – seems hard to believe it in often wet Wales!) and it’s been unseasonably cold. However, if you look carefully there are marsh marigolds flowering, ladysmock/ cuckoo flower and the bluebells are starting their incredible display. We’ve also seen plenty of louseort and ground ivy and the wild orchids’ leaves are up. The hawthorn and blackthorn blossom are beautiful, as are the crabapple blossom, flowering in the hede on the track. The tadpoles are continuing to grow in the wildlife pond on the track, despite the many visits from the heron. We have watched the newts swimming in the pond in the yard outside Llwynbwch Barn. Mother nature is having a gentle, slow start to the summer!

Our little herd of Exmoor ponies is doing really well – they are looking really healthy & are getting more and more friendly as time goes by. However, we are having a change as we say farewell to Sienna & Ursula, who will return to their breeders in the hope that they might mother foals in the not too distant future. We shall miss them as they’re the most sociable and gregarious of the five.

We’re pleased to share some ‘upgrades’ for our accommodation, all ready what’s looking like a busy summer ahead. Llwynbwch Barn has a lovely new bench for the garden, along with a Weber BBQ. Hafan and Derwen also have new Weber BBQ’s and new LED lights with integrated USB chargers for all your tech needs! We’ve made some lovely bunting to pop up to help you celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. We’ve also treated everywhere to some new bedding!

Many of you are getting in touch asking for suggestions of local places to eat during your stay. After the most recent lockdown things are opening slower here than in England. We are putting links to local cafes, restaurants and attractions on our facebook page, please take a look here for ideas.

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